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What's a unit? 

A unit is a customized wig, that we make with quality Virgin hair that is cut and styled to fit you. 


Are custom units done to measurement?

Yes custom units are done to your head size which range from 21.5 inches to 24.5 inches.  The average head size is 22.5 inches


Can the units glued down or sewn down?

You have the option to use tape adhesive, glue adhesive, have it sewn down or take it on and off daily with the elastic band method.


How long does a custom unit take to make?

Custom orders takes 15 to 25 business days to be made.


Do you do rush orders?

Yes, if the hair and supplies are in stock you can choose a rush option.


Can I choose the length or texture for my custom unit?

Yes, you have the option to choose between the different Virgin hair and textures we have available. The lengths are from 12 to 30 inches.


Can my custom unit be coloured?

Yes, we can custom colour your unit. The price depends on the length of the bundle and how many bundles are in your unit. You can provide a picture for reference and we can match the colour from the picture close as possible

What type of cap do you use to make the custom unit?

We use the professional Wig Cap which is a ventilated cap that's  breathable and fits comfortably on your head it's not too tight. 


How are your units made?

We make our wigs by hand or sewing machine. 

Are there combs or clips attached to the custom unit?

Our units do not come equipped with combs or clips. However clips and combs can be added at an additional cost. Please note that we do not recommend combs or clips as they can cause damage to your natural hair over time.

Do you add an elastic band to the unit?

We do add an elastic band to the unit which helps to secure the unit very well.


How long will my customer unit last?

If you follow the maintenance guide that's provided to maintain your unit it can last two years or longer.  However, if you have done any colour service to your unit this may lessen the time the unit would last


Can I add more hair to my custom unit?

We can add extra bundles to your custom unit for a fee of $40 per bundle


Are the custom units full lace all over?

Our custom units are made with either a lace closure or lace frontal and we use wefts in the back


How do I cut the lace off of my frontal?

Make sure to clip away all the baby hairs in front of the frontal then start cutting in a straight line all the way across. sometimes clients love to leave a bit of the lace in the front or you can go directly up to the baby hairs


Does the custom unit come with baby hairs?

Yes they come with baby hairs they may appear very long but can be shortened if you want that shorter baby hair look

Can my custom unit be put into a high ponytail or bun?

If you are using a 360 frontal you can achieve a high ponytail or bun by sewing it down. If you are just using a closure or frontal you can achieve a mid to low ponytail or bun


If I do an on and off unit how is it secured?

It's extremely secure we attach an elastic band to the unit also we provide a wig grip which is a like a head band that prevents your unit from shifting 


Will others notice that I'm wearing a unit?

If worn correctly it is very undetectable, units are made to give an illusion of natural hairline. 


How often should I wash my unit?

We suggest that it's washed once a week


What type of shampoo and conditioner should I use?

At our studio we use the Moroccan Oil Shampoo and conditioner but we also suggest L'Oréal, Herbal Essence or Pantene Provene


My custom unit doesn't fit what should I do?

Please send us pictures in a few different angles so we can help make suggestions or adjustments. Our custom units are made to exact measurements given, they should fit firmly to the head. Our units are designed to be glue less and it can be adjusted to wear with adhesive. Your natural hair should be braided in a neat foundation for the unit to fit accurately. 


Are there refunds or exchanges?

We exercise a very strict quality control process to ensure that our clients receive only the best virgin hair available. All products we offer on this website are custom made to your preference therefore, there are NO RETURNS, NO EXCHANGES . NO EXCEPTIONS. These units are made specifically to your exact measurements and styling request. If you need any major adjustments that can be done at your expense. We can adjust minor changes to fit. We always recommend a unit fitting to make sure it fits.



What is a Closure?

A closure is a hair piece that give the illusion of a realistic part. They come in two sizes 4"x4" or 5"x5" there are two styles of closures lace closure which is ventilated to swiss lace and silk base closure which is ventilated on a silk which gives a more realist part


What is a Frontal?

A Frontal is a hair piece that covers the entire hairline to give the illusion of a realistic hairline. They come in two sizes 13"x4" or 13"x6" the 13" represents the measurement that goes across your hairline ear to ear and the 4" or 6" represents how deep of parting space you have from your hairline going towards the back of your head.


What sizes do you have Frontals come in?

Our Frontals come in 13" x 4" or 13" x 6", 13'' is the measurement across ear to ear and 4" or 6" is the measurement from your hairline going back


Do your closures & frontals have baby hair?

Yes our closures and frontals come with baby hairs the baby hairs come 2 to 3 inches long which can be shortened to your desire


Do your frontals come with bleached knots?

No we do not bleach our Frontals if you would like that service it could be done for a fee of $30. Although this does give a realistic look if your not financially able to maintain the frontal lifestyle we don't suggest it. As professionals we do not recommend that you bleach your frontals as this weakens the strands on the lace and causes a major shedding if you would like a natural look simply use make up or a Skin toned stocking cap underneath your frontal


How long does the frontal last?

Frontals are very, very delicate you must follow our maintenance guide to maintain the life of how long your frontal could last. Itching, excessive combing, brushing can affect how long your frontal could last.  We cannot give you an accurate answer as to how long it could last as everybody is different on how they maintain their frontal


Can a frontal be dyed?

Yes we recommend using a professional to custom colour your frontal piece especially if you plan to go darker you want to avoid colour touching the lace. Please know that when you are doing lighter shades on Frontals it does lessen the time that your frontal could last

Can I braid my frontal?

Yes you can braid your frontal into nice cute cornrows to have a very natural looking hair style


What colour lace does the Frontals come in?

It comes in transparent, light brown, medium brown and dark brown. We stock light brown mostly and we customize the lace colour 


Can I part my frontal anywhere?

Yes the Frontal can be parted anywhere on the lace


Do you customize the hairline?

Yes we can we can customize the hairline for a fee of $30



How many bundles can I provide?

You can provide up to 3 bundles. For every extra bundle is $20 


Can I use hair that's been used already?

Yes once it's in good condition and the bundles are in tact and not cut up


How long does it take to be made?

It takes 15 business days, we also offer rush service


Do you custom measure my head?

Yes you can book to have us take your measurements  or you can simply do it yourself. 


Do you add elastic band to the units?

Yes we add elastic band to your unit which helps to secure unit very well


Do you wash the bundles before creating it?

Yes we can wash them for a fee of $25


Can I add an extra bundle later if I wanted?

Yes we can for a fee of $40. If the new bundle is longer than we may need to re create your unit


Are you able to change my closure or Frontal after it gets worn out?

Yes we can for closures we can switch it, for Frontals it will have to be re made


Can I provide you hair that has been cut?

If you provide pieces that are less than 5" in weft they will be returned if more than 50% of the pieces are cut there will be a fee of $40


Can I provide you hair that has bonding glue on it?



Do you make the units by hand?

Yes we make them in our studio on our sewing machine or by hand depending on the design of the unit


Can I wear my unit behind my hairline? 

Yes we can but you have to let us know at the time of ordering, cause the measurements will need to be adjusted


Do I need to braid my hair under my unit?

Yes it's best to have your hair braided so it lays flat. If you have thinner or sleeker hair you can wear it in a low ponytail and be sure to use your wig grip!. 


Can you custom colour my unit?

Yes you can provide a picture of what you want via email and we will give you a quote and we can custom colour as close as possible


Can you custom colour my unit on my head?

We prefer to have your unit removed while doing a colour process to achieve best results and also so the colour doesn't end up on your hair. 


Can I ship my hair to you?

Yes. Please confirm the address before shipping and also please make sure you require a signature at delivery. Any duty cost should be directed to you.

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